Willow & Birch, Inc | Directions to Cochran Ranch

For your session we will be shooting at the Cochran Ranch located just east of East Helena.  To get there follow Highway 12 east like you are going to Townsend.  Just after mile marker 53 take a right onto South Mitchell Gulch.  The turnoff is right across from Capital Concrete.  The road will immediately cross the train tracks, be careful, there is not guard so watch for trains.  You will continue to go straight up the road for about a mile or so.  You will see a gate with a cattle guard on it and it will have a sign that says Cochran Ranch.  Keep going straight.  Once you get up to where the houses and building's are please park to the right where there is a BLM sign in box for hunters.  It should have a fluorescent poster on it.  Do not park in front of either house (there is a modular to the left and the main house is straight ahead). If you have gone through a second gate and see the main house and outbuildings you have gone to far.  I will meet you by the sign in box and have you fill out a Release form for you session.