Willow & Birch, Inc | Directions to Rimini Location for Sessions

For your Session we will be shooting at a private residence located on Rimini Road just west of Helena.  Please follow Highway 12 west of Helena like you are driving to Missoula.  You will drive about 7 miles past Williams Street (the VA turnoff) and take a left onto Rimini Road.  You will go past the water treatment facility to your left and continue up the road around the bend about 1/2 a mile. You will take a left after the chain link fence that runs along the road to the left.  There will be a small bridge that you cross over the creek. Continue on the road to your left.  Please park on the right side of the road near the trees.  There may be an old truck or 4 wheelers parked there.  You will see a small parking area.  Please do not park in their driveway to the left.  I will meet you there and have you sign your release for your session.